How can I change the subscription plan if I have an active auto-renewing subscription (Anywhere Access Pack or Configurable Shortcuts & Gamepad) already?

If you have subscribed to the services (Anywhere Access Pack or Configurable Shortcuts & Gamepad) via My SplashtopApple App Store, or Google Play Store, but want to change the subscription plan (between monthly/yearly), you can only do it from the original purchasing platform as summarized below..


If you originally subscribed to the service(s) using My Splashtop:

  1. Please log in your Splashtop Account on My Splashtop .
  2. Hit the Manage Subscriptions link on first page


    Or go to detailed Account Info on top-right side, then go to Subscriptions tab. 

  3. Choose the plan you want to change to. 


  4. There will be a confirmation window popped. Hit Change again to complete the plan changing.



If you originally subscribed to the service(s) using the Apple App Store:

  • You can directly change to the desired renewal option by using Manage App Subscriptions in the Account Information Screen of the View Apple ID page.
    (Ref. :  [ ], Section:  Managing auto-renewing subscriptions on an iOS device)


If you originally subscribed to the service(s) using the Google Play Store:

  • You can only change the subscription plan by discontinuing the current subscription when it ends, then re-subscribe to a new plan.


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