Why do I get the prompt asking me to buy Anywhere Access Pack? My device and remote computer are on the same local network.

When you connect your device to your remote computer within the same local network, you should be able to connect without being prompted to buy Anywhere Access Pack. Conversely, if your device and your computers are on different networks, the expected behavior is that you will see the prompt asking you to purchase Anywhere Access Pack in order to access remote computers that are on different networks.   
If your device and computer are on the same local network, but you still see the prompt to buy Anywhere Access Pack, please check your network settings to ensure there are no issues preventing Splashtop Personal app and Streamer app from establishing peer-to-peer connections.  
For instance, if your device is connected via Wi-Fi and your remote computer is connected via a physical LAN to the router, you can check your router settings to ensure that there is no block between Wi-Fi and LAN communication. If there is, this could trigger the subscription prompt.
If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact our Personal Support team.
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