Windows & Mac Client Toolbar Functions

Version for Windows or Mac new toolbar and features



disconnect_en-us.png Disconnect

switch_en-us.png Switch monitor

eye_en-us.png View scaling option, frame rate setting, view remote pointer/cursor

full_en-us.png Full screen

ctl_en-us.png CTL+ALT+DEL

action_en-us.png Actions: Blank screen, Lock keyboard and mouse, Paste Clipboard as Keystrokes, Keyboard mapping*

minimize_en-us.png In full screen mode, you can hide the toolbar or minimize the session window

expand_en-us.png This small horizontal bar at the top center restores the hidden toolbar



*Keyboard mapping--feature released in Business App version (Mac and Windows). The options are Splashtop mapping and Alternative mapping:

  • Splashtop mapping--the new option (is now the default); types according to the Business App-side keyboard (the computer being remotely connected from)
  • Alternative mapping--previously our only option; types according to the Streamer-side keyboard (the computer being remotely connected into)
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