low local lan refresh rates, higher rates only with logging into remote splashtop why?

low local lan refresh rates, higher rates only with logging into remote splashtop ehy?

Sower refresh rate forced upon us or lag, how many other 1st generation users which have similar concerns  i fear SplashTop is fast heading down the route of legacy users being treated to sub standard performance compared to the app we purchased, killing speed or features to make new versions designed to upsell or encourage users who want the higher codec speeds to upgrade or be reduced (for on the lan connections whilst logged out), are you looking for us to spend money for standard functionality previously had, if so it’s not the way loyal customers should be treated - as early adopters we got you on the map. connection on even the very earliest versions used to be rock steady, with fadt scree rate and low lag, where had this gone wrong ...,us first generation buyers helped you with great surveys and testimonials ,,..i was able to watch faced paced movies and the occasional game (with low lag and high frane rates) now those higher frame rate (not even talking about ultra) dont work unless logged into the shout cast server, seriously, this should br allowed/needed when i just want to connect my high end ipad pro on my fast Wi-Fi connected to my superfast pc on 1gb lan… why is this so difficult? you even appear to have stopped supporting native nvidia screen capture support since version46xx without explaining why - or how to get the best frame rates we are now missing  users should not have to login to your servers users should get the high lsn refresh speeds they used too 'users should be able to use h264, or any suitable low frame rate good quality picture codec H265 (when did hat become a paid extra. bring back native nvidia support if it will help refresh rates, if not make it clear can we go back to original versions if that what some want {but shouldn't have too)  should be able to use ultra or high or automatic on lan, with 264 / 265 and should be able to get low lag as possible should be good on lan anyway also why was the same app for the iPhone not yet capable to connect via local lan! please dort out these glaring issues and think about not all your users are remote internet users, they have fsst hone lan's snd dont need splashtop ruining performance with do called upgrades, we users believe in privacy. we believe in soeed, so help us get that product back and confidence to encourage all our friends to buy splashtop again  thanks for listening let me know here if you agree, want yoadd, or need to correct me on anything




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