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Only get 'Subscribe to remote access' dialog




  • Official comment
    Splashtop Personal

    Dear users, 

    The subscription pop-up will only appear when our system detects local and remote devices are not under the same network, your firewalls may be blocking the communication with Splashtop servers and thereby preventing Splashtop from working properly, please try temporarily disabling it and see if you're able to login afterwards.

    If so, you will need to add our exceptions to your firewall:
    Port 443 needs to be open, including ssl and non-ssl traffic
    (* represents wildcard)
    Connections that stay within the same local network go through ports 6783-6785.

  • christiaanduplessis

    Me too

  • allison.brian.r

    Me three. Trying Splashtop for the first time with a PC iPad 

  • officemanageratdrh

    I'm getting the same thing when I try to log in.


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