Introduction/Guide to new features in version

You can download the new version here or manually update your client.

You start with this screen if you don't have any PCs in your list.
Please skip this step and jump to the section 'General Icons'
if you already have Computers in your list.


That screen means that you need to add your first PC to your list. Simply download the streamer (Windows, Mac) and log in. You should be able to see it after you refresh your computer list or restart the Personal Client.

General Icons:


blobid3.png - Take a look at your current subscriptions 

blobid4.png - Refresh computer list 

blobid5.png - Computer icon: Click to start remote session (or simply double-click on a PC in your list).

blobid6.png - Gear icon: Change the computer settings for resolution and credentials before remote session 

Computer is ON and ready to start a remote session
Computer is OFF or not connected to the internet.
Computer is currently connected remotely.

Resolution options:

  • 800 x 600: The lowest resolution we offer.
  • 1024 x 768: this is the best-fit resolution for an iPad, but may affect the icon and window sizes on the actual computer. 
  • Best fit to local computer: changes the remote computer resolution to the size best supported on the computer or device you are in front of. 
  • Native resolution of remote computer: Does not change the computer resolution, so there are no icon/window side affects.  However, the display will appear smaller on the client.

 Advanced Settings For Windows: 


  • Go to the Web Console ( or 
  • Subscriptions > Open the account info page 
  • Options > General / Advanced / Proxy 
  • Check for Updates 
  • Log Out 
  • Exit 

Options > General:

  • Reduce display quality when the network is slow: Automatically adjust display quality for best responsiveness under different network conditions. 
  • Show solid color background on remote computer desktop: In a slower network, this might help to improve the performance during remote sessions. 
  • Allow screensaver 
  • Show remote cursor: Always show the remote cursor by default. You can still toggle it to be on/off while in session via the toolbar. 
  • Minimize to system tray 
  • Screen edge panning: Automatically pan the screen when moving the mouse cursor to edge of the screen.  
  • Product improvement: Help to improve this product by submitting anonymous crash reports and usage statistics.  

Options > Advanced:

Video Rendering Options


  • Direct3D with RGB: This option was the default choice in versions before v3.3.8.0. It is being retained for completeness. For optimal performance, we recommend Direct3D with YUV. 
  • Direct3D with YUV (default): This is the default option when the app is first installed. In our testing, it achieves the best performance and uses the least CPU resources, across most of our test cases. 
  • SDL with YUV: Try this option if you are getting the error message "Failed to initialize video device" in your Splashtop Business app or if the remote screen shows up blank. These symptoms potentially indicate DirectX/Direct3D is not enabled or working properly. 
    Also, try this option if you turn on screen recording and the remote session performance becomes severely degraded. 
  • Software: Try this option if above issues are not solved by using SDL with YUV, or if you run into any other issues with the other rendering options. 
    The Software option uses more CPU resources but may be the most compatible across different hardware platforms. 


Hardware Acceleration 

Use hardware acceleration when available. 
Hardware acceleration may help to improve the performance in a remote session. 
Learn more by clicking here.

Advanced Settings For Mac:


Preferences > General:


Preferences > Advanced:


Collect log files:

In case you encounter issues, it is likely that our support team will ask you to provide a copy of the log files for issue investigation. 
Here are the instructions on how to get and send the log files:blobid1.png
Then click "Send"
You can always contact our personal support team by opening a ticket.
Click here to submit your ticket request. We hope you enjoy Splashtop as much as we do!
We are happy to help :)




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    What are the new features? These look like old features, simply rebranded in a new GUI. I don't see what has been brought to the party? Please do expand on the new features, as this article doesn't make this clear. Can we still use the old client and can you please provide a link for this?

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    The download link for the Streamer is broken for Windows. There is no file attatched to the link. I've been trying to set it up all night but the website is broken.

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    Splashtop Personal

    Hello @graham. 

    The new Splashtop Personal app includes many new changes. Not only GUI changes. 

    Compared to old versions of the Personal app, now you are able to change different settings. Such as Video Rendering Options, Hardware Acceleration, Screen edge panning among many others. 

    If you are a Splashtop Business user you may already be familiar with these new settings. But this is a big update for the Splashtop Personal app. 

    You can still use the old client if you still have it installed. But we would recommend using the new version which can be downloaded from here: 

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