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Introduction/Guide to new features in version



  • graham

    What are the new features? These look like old features, simply rebranded in a new GUI. I don't see what has been brought to the party? Please do expand on the new features, as this article doesn't make this clear. Can we still use the old client and can you please provide a link for this?

  • tyragan7

    The download link for the Streamer is broken for Windows. There is no file attatched to the link. I've been trying to set it up all night but the website is broken.

  • Splashtop Personal

    Hello @graham. 

    The new Splashtop Personal app includes many new changes. Not only GUI changes. 

    Compared to old versions of the Personal app, now you are able to change different settings. Such as Video Rendering Options, Hardware Acceleration, Screen edge panning among many others. 

    If you are a Splashtop Business user you may already be familiar with these new settings. But this is a big update for the Splashtop Personal app. 

    You can still use the old client if you still have it installed. But we would recommend using the new version which can be downloaded from here: 

  • Michael

    Great, but there is one major feature still missing, please forward this. There is no option to "force" a connection to close from the Personal client. Every time I dont close the connection to my pc (because i forget, or because i expected to be faster back, etc.) I cant connect to it from my iphone or laptop. I have to start "teamviewer" (another free remote tool) just to connect to my pc and close the connection on Splashtop on the client. Otherwise its impossible to connect to it from my mobile device because it says there is already a connection to that device. Its really frustrating and the only remote tool with that flaw. Would be great if this can be fixed soon, thank you!


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