Basic Remote Manual


  • Requires client app purchase/download/installation from specific app stores. (
    • iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch: Apple App Store
    • Android tablet/phone: Google Play
    • Kindle Fire tablet: Amazon
    • Mac Book Pro/Mac Book Air/iMac/Mac mini: Splashtop website
    • PC/NB running Windows : Splashtop website
  • Requires streamer app download/installation onto Mac/PC (
    • Need to create a Splashtop account (from the client app or Streamer).
    • Need to log in to your Splashtop Account at least one time before making a local connection.
    • Need to enable Anywhere Access Pack for your Splashtop Account before making a remote connection.
  • More information here:


Computer/Streamer selection

The first screen to appear after launching the client application (not counting the First Time Wizard), is the Computer/Streamer list.  This screen will show all computers that have the Splashtop Streamer installed and are currently  logged in to, with the same Splashtop Account.


For each computer/Streamer in the list, the Edit icon to the right of the computer allows you to change the resolution options of the connected computer.  Choices are:

  • 800 x 600
  • 1024 x 768 — this is the best-fit resolution for an iPad, but may affect the icon and window sizes on the actual computer.
  • "Best Fit" changes the remote computer resolution to the size best supported on the computer or device you are in front of.
  • "Native Resolution" does not change the computer resolution, so there are no icon/window side affects.  However, the display will appear smaller on the client.


Over-the-internet connection

  • Requires Splashtop Account and login.
  • Requires Anywhere Access Pack enabled (needs to be purchased if not enabled).
  • The Splashtop Streamer icon on the app will have a small "satellite icon" on it, if this computer is in a different network.  Clicking on it will prompt an In-App-Purchase message with two options (1-month or 1-year) if you did not purchase it yet.


Mobile Controls/Gestures

  • Keyboard — tap on the Keyboard icon near the bottom right corner of the screen
  • Left-click — one-finger tap
  • Right-click  — one-finger tap and hold
  • Trackpad mode (mouse-like interface) — 2-finger tap
  • Window scroll — 2-finger drag up/down
  • Desktop pan — 3-finger drag up/down/left/right
  • Advanced options — tap on '^' icon; or a 3-finger tap (options may vary on different client devices)
    • Disconnect
    • Hints
    • Orientation Lock
    • Trackpad mode
    • Multi-monitor — Change monitor displayed on client
    • Arrow pad — A virtual arrow pad
    • Keyboard
  • Additional information is here.
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