How do I check if my Anywhere Access Pack (AAP) has expired?

When you can't connect your tablet/phone to your computer, you might want to check to see if your Anywhere Access Pack (AAP) has already expired.  To check the status of your AAP:

1.  Launch the Splashtop Personal (Splashtop 2) application on your iPad.

2.  Click the Settings icon.  (This icon has the appearance of a "gear" and is near the upper right corner.)

You will see a screen similar to the sample illustration shown below.




In the "Splashtop Account" tab of this screen, shown above, various statuses might be shown for your Anywhere Access Pack, as follows

  • Expires on xxxx.xx.xx — As shown in the example illustration above, if you had purchased the yearly subscription plan, the date that your AAP subscription will expire will clearly be displayed.

  • Expired — Actually, there are two different conditions that could cause this to display:

1)  Your subscription has already expired.  Please purchase again.
2)  This could also display if the Splashtop server, or your Internet, is unavailable at this moment.  If you are sure your AAP has not expired, just try again later.

  • Not purchased — Splashtop doesn't have any purchase record for your Splashtop Account.  For information about purchasing AAP, click here.


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