What's the difference between Splashtop Personal (Splashtop 2) and Splashtop Remote Desktop v1?


Splashtop 2 (now known as Splashtop Personal),  our next-generation remote desktop app, has more powerful features:


  • Fast – The highest-performance remote app just got faster!
  • Simple – Just log in and connect.
  • Solid – Enhanced reliability over any network.
  • Vibrant – Apple Retina display support.

Splashtop 2 (Splashtop Personal) relies on our own global relay servers to deliver enhanced security, reliability, and performance.

Splashtop 1 relies on a gmail/gtalk infrastructure which always routes traffic through Google's Mountain View office and isn't designed to deliver the encrypted higher performance traffic which Splashtop requires.

This is also why we have to charge a subscription for the Anywhere Access Pack — because it’s costly to maintain and support a robust global relay infrastructure in Splashtop 2 (Splashtop Personal).

Optional –  AAP,  Anywhere Access Pack

  1. Splashtop Bridging Cloud  –  Seamless connectivity across any network.
  2. Self-optimizing  –  Fast and responsive over 3G or Internet.
  3. Secure  –  Based on the same SSL/AES-256 security method as online banking and shopping.
  4. Multi-device support  –  Upgrade on one device, and enjoy the same benefits on all your other Splashtop devices.
  5. No configuration needed –  With the Anywhere Access Pack, there is no more need to configure routers, firewalls, ports, or to manually enter IP addresses or security codes.



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