What is the Anywhere Access Pack?

The AAP, Anywhere Access Pack is an optional upgrade, available beginning with Splashtop 2 (Splashtop 2 is now known as Splashtop Personal) .

AAP uses our global relay servers and replaces the original Internet Discovery access method used in Splashtop v1.  Whenever you want to connect your tablet/phone to your computer between two different networks, you'll need this AAP service activated.

     The features are:

  1. Splashtop Bridging Cloud  –  seamless connectivity across any network.
  2. Self-optimizing  –  fast and responsive over 3G or Internet.
  3. Secure  –  based on the same SSL/AES-256 security method as online banking and shopping.
  4. Multi-device support  –  upgrade on one device, and enjoy the same benefits on all your other Splashtop devices.

You will use your new Splashtop Account in conjunction with the Anywhere Access Pack.  You no longer need to log in to your Google/Gmail account, when using Splashtop Personal (Splashtop 2).  Click here for more information.


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