Tips for constant lost connections, or router crashes causing loss of Internet

We have recently collected some reports from our users detailing their experiences with solving a constantly dropped connection, or even problems with the router crashing when connected with the Splashtop app.  Here are some suggestions garnered from user reports, which may help.

I.  If the connection is repeatedly lost:

  1. Please confirm that the WiFi signal is strong enough on your tablet/phone.  Sometimes a weak WiFi signal can cause the connection to be dropped.  Try to move your tablet/phone closer to the router to see if there is any improvement.
  2. If you are connecting via 3G/4G, or via the hot spot of your phone, sometimes the signal appears to be strong, but you never know how many users might be sharing the same bandwidth around you.  In this case, we suggest that you try during a different time of day, or connect to a different (stronger) WiFi if possible, to see if there is any improvement.
  3. If your WiFi is using 5 Ghz instead of 2.4 Ghz, it might be more susceptible to losing the connection, due to the limitation of the shorter transmitting distance.  Please try 2.4 Ghz to see if there is any improvement.
  4. If your router supports the QoS option (Quality on Service, an option to limit bandwidth usage for each connection thread), please try to turn OFF the QoS option to see if there is any improvement.
  5. It's possible that you might have an option similar to QoS which goes by a different name or description.  If so, check to see if there is a setting that might help solve this issue.  For example, the ASUS RT n56u provides a Settings page in which you can try setting the video/audio streaming to be a different/higher priority to see if it helps.


II.  If the Router crashes:

We have received user feedback recently, reporting that the Linksys WRT54G router will crash when the Splashtop app is connected.  At that moment, all Internet capability would be lost, and the router would need to be restarted in order to recover.

In this case, here are two things you can try:

  1. Update the router firmware to the latest version, from the Linksys web site.
  2. If #1 does not work, try switching to another compatible third-party firmware called DD-WRT.  We have some reliable reports from our users saying that they solved the problem by replacing the original firmware with this third-party firmware.


    Here is a forum talking about this router dropping the connection:

    Here is some reference information about installing DD-WRT on a Linksys router:

III.  If the issue still happens after trying suggestions above:

Please follow the instruction below to change RDP default port on your target computer running Streamer, then see if it could work:


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    This isn't helpful at all. You support section is very weak

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    I second that. The support team in general is  terrible. it shouldn't take over 6 hours for a response to a question.

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    I paid for the anywhere pack and I connect but it only connects for about 15 seconds and kicks me off. This app sucks so far.

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    While this app/program is very useful, I must agree with other users.. The Support dept could use some improvement. I have the Linksys router in question, And while I'm sure the fix is Over there somewhere,I would've appreciated some kind of summary. I feel like I've asked a store employee where a product was, and they told me "probably over that way" while pointing to the other side of the store. 

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    Can't connect; 4different computers on my network. Jump desktop, Wyse, Teamviewer, remotix, all connect effortlessly. Do your job and FIX IT. This is ridiculous!
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