How can I access a local computer if I have no Internet access (offline mode)?


In Splashtop 2 (now known as Splashtop Personal), we started to use a new infrastructure that is different from Splashtop v1.x.   Splashtop 2/Personal  requires users to create a personal Splashtop Account, then use this account to log in, on both your client device (i.e. iPad), and on the computer(s) running the Streamer, to communicate with each other.

In order to obtain a successful connection within a local network, the following conditions MUST be satisfied (offline mode).

  • Your devices running Splashtop Persona app, and all computers you want to connect to, need to have logged in with the same Splashtop Account at least ONCE.  This means that they will need to be connected to the Internet at least once for the purpose of logging in, but this only needs to be done one time, which will register your Splashtop Account with us.  After you have done this, then your iPad (or other client devices) can recognize the computers running the Streamer and will list them on the tablet, even when the iPad and the computers do not have Internet capability, but are in the same closed local network.
  • Once you have logged in to the client devices and Streamers using your Splashtop account, don't manually log them out.  Keep them in a logged-in status as shown in the illustration below, even though in a "unable to reach..." state.


  • The Stay logged in option should be enabled, as shown in the illustration below.  This option is enabled by default.   If you disable it, then every time you launch the Splashtop 2 app, you will be prompted to log in.  Please keep this option enabled if you might possibly be using Splashtop 2 in a closed local network.



So, if your computer never has a chance to directly connect to the Internet, your Splashtop Account cannot ever be logged-in/registered, and therefore the iPad won't be able to find and connect to the computer(s).


Another situation we want to explain is the case wherein your computer can connect to the Internet, but still can't be remote-connected via Splashtop, due to a PROXY issue.  Here are two separate scenarios that could occur:

  • One scenario is that your network environment does have a proxy server set up, but your computer can be freely adjusted to enable or disable it, allowing you to solve this issue easily.  In this case, simply disable the proxy option for Splashtop Streamer, to obtain a successful login with your Splashtop Account.
  • Another scenario is that your network environment forces all computers to go through the proxy to connect to the Internet.  In this case, please contact your office IT person to see if it is possible to get your computer or Splashtop Streamer "excepted" from the list, or to add Splashtop Streamer to the "white list."  Otherwise, your iPad will not have a chance to connect to your computer, either locally or remotely.
  • PROXY has been supported since Streamer v2.1.0.4.  Please  click here  for more details.



  • Offline mode is not supported by current version of Splashtop Personal Windows version.
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