What can I do if I get a "Wrong password" error, or how to reset my password?

Splashtop Personal (formerly known as Splashtop 2) only needs a password for your Splashtop Account;  that's the e-mail address used for registration on the Splashtop server when you first use Splashtop Personal.  It may be different from your Gmail password and your Security Code for the old Splashtop Remote Desktop v1.x.x.x.

I.  Wrong Password (or wrong security code): 

However, if you got a Wrong Password error message, here are some possible reasons and solutions.

  1. The Splashtop Account does not really exist  (maybe failed in last creation).
    If you are sure your password is correct but get this error message, it's probably this case.  Please refer to this link to create a Splashtop Account again.
  2. The Splashtop server may be busy at the moment you are attempting to log in.  In this case, you can try again later.
  3. If you have ever reset the password for your Splashtop Account, please log out, then log in again with the new password both in the Splashtop Streamer and on the Splashtop Personal client app side.
  4. The password is not the Security Code used in the old Splashtop Remote Desktop v1.x.x.x.
  5. If your client app is still Splashtop Remote Desktop v1.x.x.x, then to connect with Splashtop Streamer v2.x, the Security Code will need to be set in the Streamer dialog box in the Others tab (if using  v2.2.0.2 or below) or the Security tab (if using v2.2.5.1 or above).
  6. If you have enabled the Require security code option on the Splashtop Streamer, you will be required to input the security code every time you attempt to connect to your computer.  We strongly suggest to use the same code here as your Splashtop account password to avoid confusion.

          *Sample with Streamer v2.2.5.1



If your password is incorrect, there will be a "Wrong Password" error message, with an error code of S=xxx, E=xxx, shown in the lower left corner.  In this case, please make sure that you have input the same password as your Splashtop Account, or reset your password if you don't remember it.

If you get a "Wrong security code" error message, please confirm whether or not  Require security code has been enabled, and that you have input a correct code, as defined in the above two boxes "Create your security code" and "Confirm your security code."


II. Reset Password: 

If you forgot your Splashtop Account password, or want to reset it for any reason, here are some tips that might help:

From the Splashtop Personal app:

Tap the Settings icon (the "Gear" icon) in the upper right.  You will see a dialog box like the one pictured below, in a logged-off state.



Tap "Forgot your password?" as indicated in the illustration above, to access the dialog shown below.   Input your Splashtop Account in the Email field shown below.




After you tap the Send button shown above, please check your e-mail account's Inbox to find the e-mail we sent you, and follow the instructions in that e-mail to reset your password.

note.gif  NOTE:   If you can't find this mail sent by the Splashtop server, please check your  "Trash" or "Junk Email"  folder, because it may have been filtered by your mail client.



From the Splashtop Streamer:

The steps you could perform from Splashtop Streamer or from Splashtop server would be similar:



(Reminder:  Splashtop 2 is now known as Splashtop Personal.)


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    The behaviors about security of mac streamer will be synced to win streamer from next update, it's coming soon, please stay tuned.

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    I'm a new user and am having problems logging into the streamer app from a second computer. The one I initially configured and worked out the connection works fine. When connecting on the second computer, I get asked for my Splashtop2 user account. I pop that in and get the wrong password message. I've tried both with and without security code enabled. All computers are macs using the latest 10.8.4.

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    False alarm. It turns out I was using an old client (2.0.2) on the second Mac. I downloaded the latest version from the Mac App Store and can connect without problem.

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    I am able to use splashtop at home just fine. When I try to connect to the same computer at work, I get the " wrong security code" message. Other teachers are using this app at school, so I'm not sure what I am doing wrong. Any suggestions would be helpful!!
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    I am getting the same cannot connect error. The odd thing is that I can stream from one pc but not the other in my local network.(both pc's and my ipad). I removed, changed, restarted and update to the current apps. The security tab is just a mess. If it always requires it for some older apps then why is it an option checkbox? If the option checkbox is not "checked" and the fields are filled out with the orange checkmark right next to them... are those options still on?

    Just poor UI design in general. There is an option to not use the splastop account if you want to use locally. So the part from this page trying to reset password doesn't really deal with that.

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    my problem is i have set a login password for my mac, so once the computer goes into the screensaver/sleep etc, a password login is required.

    however, i cannot login via the iPhone splashtop screen. Apparently the characters are not in its correct format.

    for example:

    correct format should be "1234"

    however, it is displayed as “1234” instead...


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    This is a bug, if your target Mac boots up with Chinese keyboard then you see incorrect format issue. Please make sure it is English keyboard then restart the streamer, it should fix the issue.

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    Twice now I am being asked for a security code upon logging in. The first thing I thought perhaps it was enabled, but upon returning to work I checked and it was not enabled. Now it is happening again for some reason. I tried my iPad and it tells me that my password is incorrect?? What is the deal, worked flawlessly before and now I get blocked from accessing my PC on two different devices and for two different reasons. I liked it when it was simply tied to my Gmail account, never had issues back then.

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    FWIW — I failed repeatedly trying to set a password, with no hint that the password to use was related to the password I set for your website. Instead, asking to use my Mac user I’d and password got me in.
    It was harder than it should be to find some basic user documentation, but, while not completely up-to-date, it helped a lot. Would love for it to recognize my iPad pen.
    Now that I am starting to get familiar with it, it seems to be a super solid way to work on my old MacBook with my iPad. Very nice job!!

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