Audio lag or "choppy audio" issues -- possible causes

Here are some possible reasons which may cause audio lag or choppiness when streaming a song or movie:

1.  Please update your Win Streamer to v2.3.0.2 or above.  In that version, we have fixed a known "choppy audio" issue which existed in previous versions of the Win Streamer.

2.  If you are using an iPad, please update the Splashtop Personal (Splashtop 2) for iPad app to v2.2.5.7 or above.  In that version, we have fixed another known "choppy audio" issue as well.

3.  Bad network:  If the available bandwidth is too low, it may cause audio drops or lag.  Please try a better network to see if there's any difference.

4.  Under-powered computer:  Our system requirement is a Dual core CPU.   A low-end CPU such as Atom or Celeron may cause the audio lag.  Please try to connect to a computer which meets or exceeds the minimum CPU requirement.

5.  Router incompatibility:  If you are using a D-Link router 6xx (615 or 655) or 8xx (815), please note that there is a compatibility issue between this type of router and the Splashtop Personal (Splashtop 2) app, which causes audio lag to occur easily.  Our engineering dept. is now researching how to solve this.

NOTE:   Again, updating your Splashtop Personal (Splashtop 2) for iPad app to v2.2.5.7 or above, along with the Win Streamer v2.3.0.2 or above, will fix most of the "choppy audio" issues, if they are not caused by the above cases.

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    I've got the Dlink issue.  No audio on devices while remote.  Choppy while on the LAN.  I've tried all of the re-install/driver tips.  this really puts a kink in things.  I use the app to make audio/video presentations that require flash and to work remotely.  The audio would really help.


    Thanks for a great app otherwise!

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    Audio only streams in mono......very disappointed

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    i have choppy sound on my windows phone when i stream GarageBand from my Mac..  how bout that?


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    pretty bad choppy

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