How to use combination keys on the keyboard of Mac client ?

If you are using our Mac client app to control a computer remotely which is running either the Mac Streamer or  the Windows Streamer, and you want to use a combination of keys for "shortcut" purposes, you will need to use the Fn key together with those combination keys when they include the Shift key or the Alt (Option) key.

For example, during a Splashtop connection session:

1.  If you want to use the Shift+F4 key combination to put  Windows in Sleep mode (for a Lenovo Windows NB), you would need to press Fn+Shift+F4 on the Mac keyboard.

2.  If you want to use the Alt+F4 key combination to close a window on a remote computer running the Windows Streamer, you would need to press Fn+Option+F4 on the Mac keyboard.

Other keys, like Ctrl, Command (='Win key' for Windows), are the same between Mac and Windows.


In addition, if you are controlling another Mac, the Global hotkey on the Mac keyboard like 'Command'+Tab (change app),  the "Enable access for assistive devices" option must first be enabled;  then your Splashtop app can successfully send it to the remote computer running the Mac Streamer.

note.gif  Here is how to find the option "Enable access for assistive devices" —

For OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) and 10.7 (Lion):
System Preferences --> Universal Access --> Enable access for assistive devices

For OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion):
System Preferences --> Accessibility --> Enable access for assistive devices

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    Unfortunately the Fn trick doesn't seem to work (anymore).

    I'm using snapshot remote 1.3.6 on windows 7 sp1, and the mac client remote app 1.3.6 on OSX 10.8.5.

    Visual studio ignored the shift combination, tried it on another program but also there no effect.

    Realized later that I have changed the default option in osx settings "use all F1, F2, etc keys as standard function keys", but unchecking that had also no effect.

    This is a serious short coming for me, a fix would be highly appreciated.








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    I am using Splashhtop client on a Mac to access a remote PC. I can't find the @ on the keyboard (AZERTY) presented to login, it is replaced by Esc. Any idea?


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    I am also using Splashtop Personal on a iMac to access a remote PC.  I cannot type uppercase letter using the shift key + letter key when typing the password to login.   How to make the shift key functional on iMac keyboard or any alternative way  to type uppercase letter in password?


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    Ming, you didn't say anything about ALL CAPS. Doesn't that work for uppercase? Maybe you figured that out by now.

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    I wanted to, once again, report that modifier keys DO NOT WORK CONSISTENTLY. either they should work or not work. this should NOT be a situation where they work SOMETIMES. Usually talking about keystrokes using CMD key. sometimes they work. sometimes they don't. Some keystrokes seem to affect CLIENT but don't affect the STREAMER computer at all (CMD H, for "Hide" - doesn't affect STREAMER computer being worked on remotely. Only affects CLIENT computer being worked from). Be nice if this would work consistently. Another example: I can use CMD arrow key to navigate through SOME folder paths, but not all. Very odd and frustrating, as you never know when the keystroke will work and when it won't. And, when it doesn't, everything gets done TWICE, because you have to manually do what you were unable to do with the keystroke.


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