What NVIDIA optimization does Splashtop support?

We at Splashtop have optimized our products for users who have a NVIDIA GeForce/Quadro graphics card in their computer and/or a Tegra 2 CPU in their tablet.  What this translates to is higher frame rates and lower lag time that will lead to a better experience for all remote desktop usages, especially multimedia.  Users will notice that their videos, movies, games, and other graphic-intensive content will be even more lag-free and smoother.


Hardware requirements:

  • GeForce 200, 300, 400, 500, 600 series notebook or desktop GPUs with at least 512MB FB.
  • Currently does not support Optimus configurations.
  • NVIDIA GeForce graphics started to support SLI since driver v310.70.

Driver / OS requirements:

  • Windows 7, Windows 8 32-bit, or 64-bit.
  • NVIDIA driver 275.33 and later.


  • Higher frame rate.
  • Lower lag time.
  • Play games or use applications in full screen.

How to enable it:

  1. Download the attached registry file.
  2. Right click on it to execute it as an administrator.
  3. Restart the streamer or reboot the computer.
  4. Then the feature will be activated.

Current Limitations:

  • Only supports single display configurations (one monitor).
  • 'Blank screen' option should be disabled.
  • Will not re-direct protected content playback on the PC.
  • If you get a black screen by enabling this feature, please disable it to work around the issue. Here are the steps to disable it:

a.  Execute regedit.exe on the computer with the streamer installed.
b.  Double-click on it to execute it.  (This step may trigger a confirm dialog box by the system; click Yes to execute if it pops up.)
c.  Search registry key "EnableNvFBC". Then change the value of the key to "0".
d.  Exit Splashtop Streamer by right-clicking on the icon in the System tray.  Then launch the Streamer again from the Start menu.  (Re-booting the computer can produce the same effect.)
e.  Try to connect again and see if the "black screen" issue is gone.



note.gif  Notes:

  • If SLI is enabled, this will conflict with GeForce optimization.  Please remember to disable SLI when GeForce optimization is enabled.  (Updating the driver to 314.07 or above may help.)
  • If SLI is enabled, this will prevent Splashtop THD from being able to play games/movies in full-screen mode.  Please disable SLI if you want to play games/movies in full-screen.  (Updating the driver to 314.07 or above may help.)
  • During our usage cases, we found that enabling or disabling SLI did not require a computer re-start.  However, if a re-start is requested in your case, please share the details about this with us regarding your system info (for example Win7/Vista, 32/64 bits, etc.).
  • If your system is equipped with dual displays like Intel+NVIDIA, NVIDIA is usually not the primary display. Please disable Intel display from BIOS or its utility program, and connect NVIDIA with a proper cable (usually HDMI).  In this way, you may get the optimization working on your Streamer.
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    I clearly stated that I have an Intel integrated card. I also noted that disabling cards by uninstalling the drivers is ridiculous. I'm sure you can figure out how I feel about disabling things in BIOS. ;-)

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    I noticed that version of the Streamer app has been released. I installed this version along with GeForce driver 320.49. After installing I noticed that the Optimized for NVIDIA logo was present, but I was not able to play games in full screen mode through Splashtop 2, instead I was being kicked out of my game by the Streamer app and told to run in windowed mode.

    Can we get a confirmation that version and driver 320.49 are still not compatible? Are version and driver 314.07 still the recommended solution (I had no problems with this combination).

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    Sorry guys, last post for now. Just got Splashtop Streamer Geforce Optimization working for Optimus Laptops. However, Splashtop (for some unknown reason) will not allow full screen applications. There is a huge difference in responsiveness and quality though and the Nvidia GPU indicator becomes active as soon as Splashtop Streamer is opened so I'm 90% sure it's working. If anyone is interested, here is the way I did it. First 2 steps are just how I found the actual application name.

    1. Tracked down Splashtop Service in background
    2. Cross checked the process name with the process that starts when opening Splashtop Streamer
    3. Found application that is actually run (It's called "SRServer" in ProgramFiles x86/ Splashtop/Splashtop Remote/Server
    4. Closed Splashtop Streamer (Exited completely by going to the tool bar at the bottom and clicking the icon then hitting "Exit"
    5. Opened Nvidia Control Panel (Driver version 334)
    6. Went to "Manage 3D Settings" and hit the "Add" button then went to the executable (.exe) for SRServer in the directory mentioned in step 3.
    7. Changed "Select preferred graphics processor for this program" to "High-Performance NVIDIA Processor"
    8. Went to the game I wanted to run (you can also just enable the Nvidia GPU for all games in the "Global Settings Tab") and changed it to run with the Nvidia GPU as well
    9. Restarted
    10. Allowed Splashtop streamer to open and it had the GEFORCE logo.
    11. Attempted to launch full screen game and Splashtop didn't allow it.

    This bug is reproducible using Windows to windows, android to windows, and mac to windows. Maybe there is some way to disable Splashtop complaining about the full screen... When I Alt-Tabbed, my monitor showed the game, but Splashtop still displayed my desktop.

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    Please confirm your NV driver is 314.07, not the latest 314.22.

    Please also make sure you don't have the following conflicts.

    • Only supports single display configurations. (no dual monitors)
    • 'Blank screen' option should be disabled.
    • Will not re-direct protected content playback on the PC.
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    Streamer + nvidia 320.49  working now on my tf201

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    "(vga -> hdmi)" that I mentioned in the previous comment is a vga to hdmi converter.  It shows up as a display on the computer.

    Forgot to mention that I didn't apply any registry keys and that I am not using SLI.


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