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Why does the Splashtop Personal app on iPhone/iPod/iPad crash immediately after I open it?



  • Martynmclaughlin

    I was skeptical that so simple a solution would work but tried it anyway and Splashtop now works perfectly fine. Can I ask why changing time settings to 24hr has anything to do with the app working?

  • vans.huang


    The fixed version of the app has been submitted to Apple, it will be available on the Apple Appstore soon.

  • Ange.Martens

    I have this crash issue on IOS 10

  • Ange.Martens

    and on IOS 9


  • b_legate

    Time fix worked once, now back to crashing immediately after starting the app.  As soon as I see the list of connections, screen goes,black, then the App crashes.

  • Seapep

    Opened it today to use after several days of no use and will only start to load the crash. Does not get to list of pc’s just crashes. I have uninstalled it, reset network settings, and even tried the 24 fix option and no luck. Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated 

  • Splashtop Personal


    Sorry about the issue. We will need your help install debug version app then collect logs to address the issue:

    1. Visit below page to download beta version personal app.

    2. After installing the app, log in using your account to reproduce the issue.

    3. After the app crashes, close it from the background.

    4. Open the app again, before it successfully logs in, click cancel.

    5. Insert sendlog as the account name, and any password, click log in.

    6. It will bring up the mail client with logs attached.

    7. Send the log to yourself, then attach it in the response or file a ticket with the log.


  • ameec65

    Look this app was fine unti iOS 11

    for the last week it disconnects continually.

    there are no updates for this iPad or the Streamer on my laptop,so don’t know what to do have you no fix for this yet,it seems to be affecting many users?

  • ameec65

    Tried the date suggestion (why would this work anyway?) but it was already set to 24 hour time...

    Can you help getting a fix sorted please?

  • b_legate

    For me it turned out that my VPN being engaged was causing the issue.

  • alexey.s.krasnov

    same issue for me, app from the link fails to install. ipad pro current ios version. Just crushes after passing login screen. 

  • angel

    I just got this and paid for the away and it crashes so much that I cannot even work on it.  I am reading and this seems like a big issue. I think I just need my money back on this deal

  • javier.abreu

    Crashing, crashing. Please some feedback pls

  • standby.chu

    it is not working.  the app crashes

  • marcos

    Hi every one,

    I have the same issue since the iOS 11, before this the app works pretty well, I open the app and crashes and I use all the time 24 hours setting on my iPad but doesn’t work, I have the same problem with the app, because it’s crashed 

    since time ago you don’t make an upgrade of the app, do you have some date to resolve the issue, because I need find other solution to use a Remote Desktop with my iPad.

    with the desktop version (Mac and PC) work pretty good, but I need use it on my iPad.

    please help us, because every month we paid to you a fee, and this isn’t good deal for us.

    beste Regards, Marcos

  • mjferrari

    Same on iOS 12 on an iPhone xs max. Green screen then crashes to desktop


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