Why is the option "Require Windows Password" checked and can not be modified?

With Streamer or later version, you could install Streamer on your machines with two options during installation process:

  • Just myself - it will install Streamer only in the user account you run installation process, and you will have to manually install and config Streamer in every Windows user account on your machines if you have multiple Windows user accounts. 
  • All users - the installation and configuration of Streamer will be applied to every Windows user account, and the "Require Windows Password" option will be checked by default to be viewed as basic protection to other Windows users. 



  • If you do not freshly install but upgrade your Streamer from existed older version to, it will keep your previous setting of Streamer, you do not have options with this case. 
  • If you already have but want to change the mode, please remove and re-install Streamer on your target computers with the option by your needs.
  • If you want to install Streamer to "All users" but do not want the option "Require Windows Password", please file a support ticket with us so we could provide workarounds.
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