Limitations of the "Blank Screen" feature in Windows & Mac

Windows Computers

For remote access usage, you may want to blank the host/streamer computer monitor so others cannot see what is happening when you connect with Splashtop.

First open Splashtop Streamer from the Start Menu on Windows (All Programs -> Splashtop Remote -> Splashtop Streamer).  Then click on the "Security" tab.


Windows 8 and newer OS

Please click on the "Install Driver" button to install a driver that will basically turn off the monitor so nothing is shown on the host/streamer computer.  The button changes wording to "Uninstall Driver". (May require a reboot to complete the driver install)


  • DPMS BIOS/video driver support required (Surface 3 may not support) (See note blow)
  • May not be able to adjust screen brightness - uninstall driver to resolve
  • May not be able to use video players to play videos at HD qualities - uninstall driver to resolve
  • Will not work if the WDDM version is 2.2. on the computer. You can execute dxdiag.exe, then go to Display n (n=display number), then check Driver Mode field in Drivers block. (Try out our workaround)

Windows 7 and older OS

The driver is not supported and there are known default blank screen limitations.  


    • UAC (User Account Control) dialog nullifies the blank screen when it pops up
    • Changing resolution, switching monitors, or switching desktops shows the screen on the host/streamer computer during the transition for a couple seconds.


Mac Computers

On Mac, open Splashtop Streamer from the Applications folder or from the dock.  Then click on the "Security" tab.


Limitation: The mouse shows on host/streamer computer.



1. Video driver update on Windows.

For NV:

For AMD:

For Intel:

2. BIOS update for Lenovo ThinkCentre M700 10GS.

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