Why can't I use extend display app after upgrading Intel graphic driver?

It is a known issue caused by a recent change in Intel graphic driver 10.18.14.x or later version.

If you are using Intel HD graphics (we could reproduce the issue at HD 4000 and 5000 series), and just update your driver to 10.18.14.x or later version, it will not be able to create a virtual VGA display anymore, so the Splashtop Extend Display product will not work.

We are working with Intel to resolve the issue.

Driver before 10.18.14.x:

Driver 10.18.14.x or later:


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    Still no luck even with the new version. It just mirrors a blank desktop, and I'm unable to control my MacBook - eg no mouse, apps etc. Cant do anything, Only solution is to unplug iPad. Tried uninstall, reinstall etc V


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    Hello! My PC cannot find get the extend screen, is there still a probrem  between  the splashtop and the intel graphic driver?

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    A Morales

    Hi! I´ve the same problem with the intel graphic driver. any solution?  Thanks!! My mail is jandroo@live.com.mx

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    Im pretty sure support for this product is gone, it no longer works with windows 10 at all, I have a hd6470m ati graphics chip in my laptop, and it doesnt work since a few win 10 updates ago. Better off to use spacdesk, it works wired and wireless. 

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