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Why does my Android device fail to connect to my PC using Wired XDisplay?



  • lannyberry100

    There are no screenshots

  • Peyman

    Wired Xdisplay app is not detecting/connecting when i try to use my ipad as a monitor. ( mirroring my android(galaxy s7) screen on my ipad )
    I followed instructions settings clearly on android side. Any solution? IOS tweak needed?

  • Splashtop Personal

    Hi Peyman, 

    Wired XDisplay is designed to extend your PC or Mac computer's monitor to an additional mobile device (iOS or Android). It is not to mirror or extend an android device's screen with another Android device or with an iPad. 

    Splashtop Support


  • José

    I'm using the free Android app with a PC with Windows 10.
    It's works only for 10 seconds. I can see in my Android my windows's wallpaper but the connection crash

  • Илья

    When you enter, the program duplicates the osnaving screen

  • BigAcorn

    Is it possible to have the android device charging while Wired XDisplay is running? Because the app runs my tablet's battery dry quickly. (I do have my tablet hooked up to my PC with USB 2.0)

  • Paul

    Wheres the driver for an hp computer? 


    I found by changing the usb to PTP option after enabling the debugging will help your pc to be accepted as trusted device. You may refer the video below

  • Emilio

    Consigo a duras duplicar la imagen, pero no sé puede expandir.

    Tengo el pro y si no le ponéis una solución, lo consideraré una estafa.

    Reclamaré el dinero,

  • julio.inga.s

    yo tambien tuve ese problema que solo duplicaba la imagen, por tal motivo cambie de cable, parece que solo con algunos cables funciona el expandir.

  • Greg Sun


    Te ha seguido funcionando con solo cambiar el cable?

    Yo he tenido el mismo cable, y funcionaba al principio pero dejo de funcionar como a la semana

  • rafael.lanzetti

    I'm trying to connect my Samsung tab S6 to my M1 Macbook Pro, but just get a black screen. Is it not compatible yet?

  • Angel I.

    Intenté usar Wired XDisplay pero cuando pruebo la aplicación se cierra en mi pc y en mi android no se carga, ya hice todo lo que mencionan pero aun así no funciona. Por favor, ayúdame.

  • viktoria

    You need to enable USB Debugging on an Android Device and it works just fine:


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