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How to use Splashtop Wired XDisplay?



  • lidevead

    I work on Mac OS 10.15.6 and seing only "connecting screen" on my ipad pro

    I allowed the access in privacy settings and nothing changed... what should i do?

  • Jone

    After using this for several days successfully to create a third monitor, essentially, this stopped working yesterday.  Only a black screen showed. So I uninstalled and reinstalled on both the PC and the Android, downloading fresh install files, and then restarted. Now, it sort of works -- but is only mirroring one of the existing monitors, not creating a 3rd.  I have looked in the settings and used the Detect option, but nothing. The setting for Multiple Displays lets me "extend these displays" but only shows 1 and 2 in the choices.


  • spoukie

    "It Works!" is hardly an installation step.

    Instructions? troubleshooting guide?

    This does not appear to work on 2 of my windows 10 systems with neither my Kindle fire nor my pixel 2xl. 

    Windows application complains about drivers (the link to which my splashtop account doesn't have permissions to view let alone download) and the apps just spin, (presumably awaiting a pc with some driver installed.

  • Parishi

    Hey! I have the same issues..on Mac Os 10.15.7 and my iPad. It is not working at all..It just loads and then my screen goes blank for a second and then it loads again...!

  • baaby.nicoll

    How can I extend Display? I need 2 display and now its 2 display but with the same image


  • nathanielsekolah78

    the virtual display cannot be installed on Windows 10.

    I've clicked the install button, but there's nothing happen

  • eeveekathleen

    When I try to open arrangement theres nothing there. it just says "Display Color Night Shift" theres no option for arrangement. 

  • chris.delezen

    Using this with my Windows 10 pc and iPad mini, and it works. But can’t seem to get a high frame rate. Setting it to high looks the same as set to normal. My main display is definitely going at 60fps, and my iPad is still slow.

  • Javier

    Ok! Inspired by MaaT's comment, I got version working in a Macbook Air (mid-2013) running BigSur Mac OSX 11.2 without using the terminal. Only problem so far is I don't see the mouse cursor on my Ipad2 but I can use the touch screen directly, so no real need to see the cursor.

    These are the steps:

    1. Install SplashTop Xdisplay on your Mac (do not open the app after install)
    2. Give Accessibility permissions to Splashtop XDisplay in System Preferences>Security & Privacy as shown in Chris JEfford comment.
    3. Disable Show mirroring options in the menu bar when available in System Preferences->Displays
    4. Download Kext Utility for Mac .
    5. Go to System Preferences->Security & Privacy->General and click the lock in the bottom to allow changes. It will ask for your admin password. Leave this open, we will need it later.
    6. Run Kext Utility for Mac. It will ask your admin password and fix the file permissions* in the /Library/Extensions/ folder. You will also be asked to allow Splashtop Drivers.
    7. Allow the TWO Splashtop drivers in the System Preferences -> Security & Privacy window we had opened before. After each approval it will ask you to reboot. * Do not reboot after allowing the first driver, do it after the second one. 
    8. Reboot
    9. Open SplashTop Xdisplay on your Mac
    10. Open SplashTop Xdisplay on your Ipad
    11. Connect the Ipad to the Macbook 
    12. Enjoy your second monitor!

    * For those interested in the technical issue. When I tried to run Maat's commands in the terminal I got a different error about wrong file permissions. Therefore I needed to fix the file permissions and ownership with CHMOD and CHOWN, but preferred to test Kext Utility so it would be simpler for other people not used to the terminal. It worked perfectly!


  • isarat

    Doesn't work on mac os big sur.

    The server program is
    The client program is

    Please guide me on how to fix it.
  • Mike

    iphone7+ with ios 15.0.2 just can display the pc screen, but can't be recognized as a second display to extend the screen. Does the app support?

  • Vizsla Guy

    No reply to Big Sur question - disappointing.


    I am also on Big Sur with2 different iPads. NEITHER work!! It sits on "Connecting now..." forever and does not function.


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