port 6783 is not reachable

If you are receiving this error message with Splashtop Streamer on a Mac, your disk permissions may be corrupted (specifically, the file permissions of some IPC socket files in /tmp). 

Please do the following:

1. Remove Streamer by clicking uninstall Streamer script. 
2. Run "Repair Disk Permissions". 
3. Restart the Mac. 
4. Re-install Streamer. 

If it is El Capitan (10.11) or later version Mac OS running on the Mac, please follow the steps below:

1. open Terminal app
2. execute command: sudo rm -r /tmp/com.splashtop.*
3. execute command: sudo chmod +t /tmp
4. reboot computer



If it still does not work, there is another cause. Please use the uninstall the streamer script attached in streamer dmg file to uninstall the streamer, then re-install it again. It will help resolve the issue.

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    A reinstall fixed mine months ago. This advice, while it may be accurate, is so late that it's of little value. By now I'd expect many people will have just given up. 

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    I uninstalled, ran sudo chmod +t /tmp, restarted, reinstalled, and it worked on 2 of my macs. Yay!

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