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Make THD or Splashtop 2 (a 60 fps client) for PC to PC

suggested this on May 16, 2013, 23:05

It would be great if you released a version of Splashtop THD for Windows or at least give spashtop 2 the capability of doing 60fps,  because 30 fps is just very bad for first person shooters. I use fraps on the windows app on my laptop and it does maintain a consistent 30 fps and never drops below 30 EVER, however it is just too low of a frame rate to play some games like CS: GO for instance, which is meant to be played at 60 and beyond 100fps. It just feels so wrong at 30.

I love Splashtop 2 to death, as long as I have a long enough Ethernet cable, and usb extender cable, it turns my laptop into a lag free, gaming powerhouse with sound lol.  It gives low end laptops the power to play games they could only dream of playing, and at maximum graphical settings.

Please do something for the PC to PC version so that it supports 60 fps.



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currently splashtop has already optimized color depth for better bandwidth usage.(play some HD movie trailer and look at the gradient of the sky and you will know what I said) Streaming at high resolution and higher fps will further burden the network.  You may have a high speed 802.11ac link but the lowered stability will affect your game experience. I bet that you will not be pleased being shot dead in a FPS game for lag caused by some very common wifi packet drops...

August 12, 2014, 19:14