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Force Streamer to Restart?

Jon Saunders
asked this on December 7, 2012, 12:43

Today I was at the office with my tablet (XOOM, Jelly Bean, non-rooted), my Mac was at home (2008 MacBook Pro running the latest point release of Lion)...

I used the latest version of Splashtop on my XOOM to connect to the MacBook Pro at home (running the latest point release of the streamer).

I was able to connect, worked for a while, then the streamer on the Mac crashed.


When I got home, the Mac was fine, it did not crash.  ...just the streamer crashed.  There was no way for me to remotely restart the streamer.

Is there a way to make the streamer automatically restart in the event that it crashes?



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@Jon Saunders,

Here are two suggestions for your case, please have a try to see if there's any difference.

1.)  Remove these two files from the  ~Library/preferences folder.

•  com.splashtop.Splashtop-Streamer.plist

•  com.splashtop.Splashtop-Streamer-UsageTracking.plist

2.c)  Go to System Preferences --> Security & Privacy --> Firewall tab --> Click the Firewall Options button, and then delete 'Splashtop streamer' and 'SRFeature' if they are there --> Uninstall streamer --> install Streamer again. (please turn Firewall ON in order to delete them, then turn OFF again)

December 9, 2012, 22:15