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Some ideas to improve Gamepad THD (Android)

suggested this on November 27, 2012, 01:59

I don't know if it's the correct section due the fact that on there is a Q&A section for THD devices, anyway I have already wrote there a short list ( and i'll do a deeper one here (if crossposting is a problem, delete/move the threads :D)

These are the features I would like to be implemented in Gamepad THD in the Android Client (Many are already available on Splashtop 2):

- Edit existing profiles preset (Portal 2, WoW, PES etc...) instead of cloning one and modify with "+" button (if I have to modify a profile for an already existing preset because it doesn't fit my needs, I don't see why i should keep the preset too :D)

- Add own thumbnails on profiles (not essential, obviously)

- Mouse with Trackpad/Drag mode (I found a similar way to implement it in gamepad mode, but it would be nice to have it also in desktop mode to use the pinch to zoom feature plus having the focus on the cursor once zoomed in).

- Gesture/Permanent button to enable the keyboard in both desktop and gamepad mode. In gamepad a special mapped button should be enough (furthermore would be nice to avoid the top keyboard bar to be on the desktop area). P.E. I found annoying to press the search field in fullscreen firefox and once the keyboard pops in, i can't see the field anymore due the top keyboard bar (surely it's related to the resolution of my Nexus 7 too).

- "Gamepad" settings available for other profiles than Skyrim and PES (as listed on

- Top keyboard bar skinned in ICS/JB Style (not essential, obviously)

- Control Bar Button in the bottom bar like the screenshot attached) | Fix the tutorial that show the positioning only on 2 of the 4 side of the screen

- UI login refresh to be similar to Splashtop 2 (Just to make a uniform UI)

- Hidden option to show the framerate of the stream (I tried with FPS Meter Root but it seems to show wrong values). This last one would be appreciated only to setup the wireless router options.

- And LAST BUT NOT LEAST an extensive guide about WHAT are the differences between the versions of Splashtop. The only difference I got is for THD that is designed for Tegra devices, but if I had to explain which is the best version for a specific non-tegra device among Splashtop 2, Splashtop and Splashtop HD I would not be able to. (P.E. does Splashtop 2 include an HD version or for tablets is still suggested Splashtop HD?)


(I'm almost sure that some of the features I requested are probably already hidden in the app :D)